About the artist

Kiara was born in Brussels, Belgium on April 16th 1984.
With a life path that changes according to her desires and convictions, Kiara is selftaught in all her artistic and manual skills.
After having experimented with many disciplines, it is in 2019 that she starts and
adopts the technique of hyperrealism with oil paint.

Kiara likes to mix her experiences, images and feelings from her life. Aware of the darker side of everyone, she explores the many facets of human nature with delight and fascination, reproducing by all possible means the expressions of feelings in a simple look.
She accentuates our own perception of ourselves and others.
Passing from humble and sensitive emotions to somewhat troubled.
The personality of the artist, which is reflected in her work, reveals a very personal artistic temperament.
She observes the world and all its complexity, analyzing in detail with the most neutrality possible.
Kiara conveys a simple but powerful message to anyone who will listen, portraits that appear anonymous but reflect the deep nature of each person, no need for pronounced expressions to read them on their faces, she has learned to see all the emotional subtlety that comes with it.
In her personal life, Kiara has experienced both extremes, the most intense joy as well as the most total darkness, which has given her a beautiful and great sensitivity that she had to learn to control but also the desire to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of life, painting is undoubtedly what keeps this balance, a way to externalize this overflow of emotions.
Kiara chooses to paint reality without filters, with the apparent grain of skin, she plays with warm and cold colors, the intensity of the shadow to the light by adding depth and intensity for a rendering all in smoothness.
After having acquired the necessary confidence in the technique of hyperrealism, Kiara finds her own visual identity with a new approach such as the crumpled effect (Fragmented identities) .
She begins this new series with a technical and visual challenge.
A tangle of geometric shapes and sometimes minute nuances, a graphic complexity that
only makes sense when you step away from it to admire its entirety.
His work represents the complexity of human frailty, we see the stigma but its beauty
remains intact.

“I searched deep inside myself and found a small crumpled piece of paper…
When I opened it, my eyes glistened to see so much perfection in imperfection itself.”

Kiara Peelman

Kiara practices hyperrealism in large format with a first layer primer in acrylic paint followed
by water-soluble oil paint, working in layers and blocks, it is a true construction of the image.
It will take an average of 6 to 8 weeks for a large format creation.

Artistic Curriculum Vitae


-2020 October: Instructor of a class for hyperrealism practice, Brussels Belgium

-2020 February: 3 days workshop on Eloy Morales studio based in Madrid

-1996-2020: Self-taught in stage make-up, styling, 3D pen sculpture, acrylic painting in airbrush and oil painting in hyperrealism.

1995-1996: After-school drawing at the Academy of Watermael-Boisfort, Brussels Belgium


-2022 April: Range Of Arts Gallery, Honfleur France

-2022 January-February: Solo exhibition of hyperrealism paintings, CC de Meent cultural center of Beersel, Belgium

-2021 December: Art Gallery.be, Knokke Belgium

-2021 Novembre: ART3F Art Fair Heyzel Brussels, Belgium

-2021 August: ART3F Art Fair Monaco (represented by Van Gogh Gallery based in Madrid)

-2020 June: Solo exhibition of paintings, Alizarine in Hal, Belgium

-2018: Exhibitor and Partner, Be Selective (Luxury Dressing Room concept) in Brussels, Belgium

-2018 January-February : Solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures, Le Louis xv in Uccle, Belgium

-2016 March-April : Exhibition of a sculpture, Centre d’art Grand Sablon in Brussels, Belgium

-2015-2018 : Permanent solo exhibition of sculptures, Kiara concept in Uccle, Belgium

Collective exhibition:

-2021 July: Borders Art Fair Venice, Fragmented identities https://www.itsliquid.com/ interview: https://www.itsliquid.com/interview-kiarapeelman.html

-2021 July: Expo De Meurs Beersel, Huizingen collective exposition https://www.cultuurpakt.be/expo/expo-papierfabriek-de-meurs-verwelkomt-7-kunstenaars/ (cancelled)

-2018 July-August: Collective exhibition Sablon d’art, Galerie Sablon d’Art in Brussels


– 2021 August: Interview Borders Art Fair Venice 2021, Fragmented identities: https://www.itsliquid.com/interview-kiarapeelman.html

– 2021 July: Persinfo (about collective exhibition Expo De Meurs) https://www.persinfo.org/nl/nieuws/artikel/expo-papierfabriek-de-meurs-verwelkomt-zeven-kunstenaars/48652

– 2021 July: Het Nieuwsblad (about collective exhibition Expo De Meurs) https://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20210706_93048847

– 2021 March: An appearance in the Hyperrealism Magazine during one year, March 2021, June 2021, September 2021, December 2021, March 2022, with one Front Cover, one Back cover and various interviews and articles with Photos. (https://hyperrealism-magazine.com/)


-French: Mother Tongue

-Portuguese : Current

-English : Notions

-Spanish : Notions

Center of interests:

Constant learning and discovery, Art in all its forms and materials, the well-being of ourselves and others, encounters, meditation, the planet and its tenants.



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