Kiara Peelman was born in Brussels, Belgium on April 16, 1984.
With a life path that changes according to her desires and convictions,
Kiara is self-taught in all her artistic and manual skills.
Always on the lookout for new materials and techniques, the adventure began at the age of 11. She started with dry pastel drawing, where she is particularly interested in figurative style.
A few years later, with the desire to enter the active life, she begins studies in hair art.
Searching for a new life, she threw herself body and soul into styling and design. It is there that a new world opens up to her, Kiara participates and organizes many exhibitions in the event industry.
Having grown up, she opens her first makeover salon in 2011 with various artistic concepts, such as an art gallery in collaboration with many talented exhibitors.
It’s 3 years later that Kiara opens her 2nd salon, always with the idea of mixing art and beauty.
At this period of her life a new love, sculpture, begins.
She takes advantage of her premises to exhibit her own creations.
New artistic opportunities are born with the discovery of airbrush and oil painting.
In 2018, Kiara gives birth to her first child and despite two great professional achievements Kiara does not feel accomplished and decides to stop her professional activities to devote herself to her family and her art.

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